Cryptanalysis deals with the techniques of breaking the codes in order to extract the plaintext from the cipher without the consent of the sender or recipient. The persons who are adept at cryptanalysis are called as cryptanalysts. Both cryptography and cryptanalysis fall under the broad science of cryptology.


A deliberate Cryptanalysis to break a cryptosystem is called an attack. While developing a system, cryptography should not be thought of as the final task. Care should be taken to consider the cryptographic issues from the conception to the completion of the system. An insecure system is no different than a secure system when the system functionalities are considered.

Security is the foremost priority in a cryptosystem. The evaluation of security cannot be made by the system functionality. Security is different than functionality. Any designer can design a system with specified functionalities. For a cryptographic system, functionality is necessary but not sufficient. A cryptographic system should be designed with a view to the kind of attacks it might face and the countermeasures to defeat the attacks. A good algorithm is only the starting point.

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