Frequently Asked Questions

EncDec is a short-form for Encryption & Decryption.

Encryption means converting a plaintext to some undistinguishable form so that others cannnot know the plaintext.
Decryption is the reverse of encryption where the encrypted text is converted back to plaintext.

EncDec uses AES (Rijndael-256) for encryption and decryption. The encrypted data is then base64 encoded so as to enable error-free transmission through emails.
All human-beings in the age group of 12 and 128 are eligible to use EncDec.
EncDec service is free. Encrypt all important files.
All of your files - original files, encrypted/decrypted files are queued in for deletion. The links to download will not work when the files are completely purged. Normally, the files are deleted in one-two hours depending upon the queue length. We kind of allotted half-an-hour time to download the files. Make sure to close the browser to close the session so that others cannot download your files.
We have not put any limit on file size. This is the feature that makes EncDec the preferred choice for Encryption. If you have a valid file and if you can upload it, then we can encrypt it.
Yes, you can use our service. EncDec can be used by anyone for any and all files free of charge. However, you may not use for profit making by charging third-parties for encryption. EncDec is a free service and it's our policy to keep it free for one and all of you.